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Articles by Matthew Kory

Matthew Kory is a baseball writer whose work has appeared across the internet as well as in multiple Baseball Prospectus annuals. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, two sons, and two cats where he subjects them all to Red Sox baseball and poop jokes in equal measure. 


Historian's Corner

The Ballad of Jeff Ballard

In the baseball world, July 8, 1994, was nothing special. It lived but 24 hours and then, like most days, disappeared as though it had never existed. Except, that wasn’t true for Jeff Ballard. That Friday was the last he would ever pitch in a Major League game. Wearing Pirates black, Ballard faced the Reds and gave, if you’ve ever looked at Jeff Ballard’s career numbers, a predictable performance: four runs in two innings, walking one and striking out one.

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